If you are still using an analog TV, there is so much you are missing out on!  There are many channels that are only being delivered in a digital format that you can not see with an analog TV loans-cash.net .  Those channels include:  (3)PBS WPSU Clearfield, (5)CBS WSEE Erie, (6)ABC WJET Erie, (8) CW WBEP Erie, (10)CBS WTAJ Altoona, (11)Fox 66 WFXP Erie, and  (12)NBC WICU Erie.  All subchannels are also digital.

What can you do to start viewing these channels and continue to watch you favorites? Simply upgrade your television set!

The holiday season is a great time to find amazing pricing on a new digital television set.  Some brands that we encourage buying are TCL, Sony, Samsung, Vizio, and Phillips.  We also advise getting a high-definition 1080p television for higher quality picture.