Cable TV Inside Wire Maintenance Plan

Our Inside Wire Maintenance Plan covers the cost of labor and materials for repair or replacement of the existing inside wiring that provides Cable TV and/or Cable Internet service to you. (If you do not subscribe to the Residential Inside Wire Maintenance Plan, such repairs will be subject to our normal labor and materials charges.)

Subscribing to the Plan is easy and affordable at only $24.00 per year.  Just give us a call at 814-726-9462.

How does it work?

When you report a problem with your Cable delivered service, we will test the wiring to determine if the trouble is inside or outside the home. If the trouble is outside, it will be repaired at our expense. If the trouble is on the inside and you have the Maintenance Plan, we will repair or replace the wiring at no cost to you, subject to the limitations and exclusions listed below. All coaxial cables that provide services to you are covered under this plan.

The Plan does not cover:

1. Wiring used for provided services.

2. Repairs related to faulty customer provided equipment; like VCR’s, DVD Players, TV’s, etc.

3. Repair of damage due to fire, flood, natural disaster, vandalism, Acts of God, gross negligence, or willful acts.

4. Repair of concealed wiring. If a wiring problem is concealed behind a wall, siding, or the like, will isolate the problem and attempt to work out a solution with you as to the best action for repair. Repair of walls, floors, ceilings or structure damaged or removed to gain access to wiring is the customer’s responsibility.

5. Any new installation of wiring for additional TVs, cable modems, phones, devices, or computers. Costs for new or additional installations will be quoted to customer before work begins.