Windows 10 and your Broadband Internet Service:

As you know, Microsoft has released the next version of their operating system: Windows 10.  Here are some things you need to know about it:

  1. Sometimes, Windows 10 installation and Windows Update files are automatically shared with other users on the Internet.  
    1. This sharing uses your Internet connection, and can negatively impact your quality of service.
    2. If you are still running Windows 8, you cannot control the sharing of Windows Update files. So, shut down your Windows 8 computers and tablets when they are not in use to prevent Windows files from sharing to others on the Internet.
    3. If you are still running Windows 7, we cannot provide support because Microsoft issued an official end-of-life for this version of Windows as of January 14, 2020.
    4. In Windows 10, do this to disable Windows Update from sharing Windows files with others:
      1. Click Start, choose the Settings Gear
      2. Click ‘Update & Security’
  • Click ‘Delivery Optimization’
  1. Move the sliding button to the off position under ‘Allow Downloads from other PCs’.
  2. Close the window
  1. Windows 10 also automatically shares information about you and the things you do when you use your computer with Microsoft. We recommend you take the time to review all the security settings under Start à Settingsà  Click every option, and review all the information about each page, turning off options you do not want turned on.  These are all personal preferences – there are a lot of YouTube videos on this topic which can guide you.
  2. We recommend you follow up on the above settings after each Windows Update is installed on your computer, as your custom settings may be reset to factory default.


If you are not comfortable doing these things on your own, we provide a ‘Windows 10 Security Check’ to assist you in making the necessary changes to secure your computer.  The cost for this service is $31.80 including tax.  Call our office today to schedule your ‘Windows 10 Security Check’.  Be sure you schedule an appointment for a time you will be home and at your computer.  We will call you, and assist you over the phone, with a remote connection to your computer.