Private Fiber

Fiber Optic cable uses light to transmit data.  Because it uses light, fiber cable is not affected by lightning strikes and power surges.  It is immune from electrical and electronic interference through the length of the fiber! owns significant fiber optic resources throughout Warren County.  These resources are currently providing wide area networking services to a variety of clients.  To date, our network has in excess of “5 nines” reliability – the actual figure is 99.9995 percent uptime.

Fiber optic connections are ideal for interconnecting facilities located in different geographic locations.  Through cooperative arrangements with other providers we can facilitate the interconnection of facilities just about anywhere in the United States.

We offer private Wide Area Network services over our fiber optic network. A private connection means we provision strands of fiber for your use only. Connection speeds range from 20 megabits per second up to 10 gigabits per second.  Installation time and cost is dependent on your proximity to our fiber network.

Recurring charges are determined on a case by case basis and are also dependent on distance.  Please contact us at 814-726-9462 to discuss your connection needs.