Fiber to the Home

AVAILABLE in these locations:

Follett Run Road and Yankee Bush Roads between Liberty St Ext and Samuelson Road

Samuelson Road
Scranton Hollow Road
Miller Hill Road
Weiler Road
Smutz Road
Irvine Run Road
from 4360 to Samuelson Road
(the rest coming soon!)
Chapman Dam Road
Farnsworth Road
Lower Cherry Grove Road near RTE 6

Liberty Street
from 1650 to Follett Run Rd

Fiber to the Home

Areas under construction:

Yankee Bush Road
from Serenity Equine Center toward Starbrick
Scott Run Road, Corvette Drive
Brown Hill Road
from #3030 to Hessel Valley Road
RTE 957
from Thompson Hill Road to Lander
Gregory Lane
Rounds Hill Road
Wilson Road
Lanning Hill Road
Jones Hill Road
Eccles Road
Lee Johnson Road
Hessel Valley Road
Chandlers Valley
Stanton Hill Road
Keller Road

Fiber to the Home

Areas coming soon:

Jackson Run Road
from JVCC to Hebner’s Auto Repair
White Road
Irvine Run Road
Mead Run Road


We are expanding our Fiber Internet availability.

Call our office to learn more.
If your address qualifies,
you may pre-register for service.

If your road is not listed here, email us at
to let us know you’re interested
in our Fiber to the Home service.


Fiber to the Home

Service Levels:

30 Mbps – $59.95 per month
60 Mbps – $74.95 per month
100 Mbps – $99.95 per month
200 Mbps – $114.95 per month
400 Mbps – $134.95 per month


Fiber to the Home 

Service Levels:

30 Mbps – $69.95 per month
60 Mbps – $84.95 per month
100 Mbps – $109.95 per month
200 Mbps – $124.95 per month
400 Mbps – $144.95 per month

Fiber to the Home installation is $42.40, and must be scheduled with our office.  Call us today at 814-726-9462.

All Fiber Internet customers are required to rent an optical modem at $3.95 per month ($4.19 per month with sales tax). This fee covers optical modem management and optical modem replacements due to device failures. There is no option to purchase or use your own optical modem.

Consider all the Internet-connected devices in your home as you choose a service level.  If you find you need more (or less), just call us; we can change your package easily at any time.  No change fees apply!

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